Students wishing to enroll in a DANC technique class, including prospective majors and minors who have not yet completed a department audition, must participate in the placement audition held in August just prior to the first day of fall semester classes.  Students who are placed at a level of II or higher should plan to attend the class(es) of their placement on the first day and provided space is available, the student will be given access clearance.  Once cleared, the student is responsible for enrolling in the course during drop/add.  Foundation level courses do not require a clearance, however, some level II Foundation courses may require a pre-requisite override.  You may contact the department to request the override if this was the level of your placement.  All others should attend class the first day as stated above.  Please note, this placement audition is open only to those enrolled Fall semester.  Priority will be given to intended dance majors and minors.  Please submit the audition form* at least one week prior to the audition date.

*Audition forms can be found on the bulletin board outside 272 or at the link above.

Fall 2020 Placement audition will be held Tuesday, August 18, 2020 at 2:00 p.m., Studio 272